Asbestos Consulting

Asbestos Consulting services include:

Facility Surveys:

  • Inspections to determine if asbestos-containing materials are present

  • Sampling and analysis of suspect materials

  • Risk assessment to identify hazardous conditions

  • Surveys which meet Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) guidelines

Operations and Maintenance Plans:

  • Develop management guidelines to allow property owners to manage asbestos-containing materials in-place

  • Provide awareness training to employees and/or tenants

  • Perform semi-annual inspections and air monitoring

Asbestos Abatement Design:

  • Develop asbestos abatement plans and specifications

  • Prepare project documents, including drawings

  • Assist the property owner in pre-qualifying and selecting a contractor

Air Monitoring/Construction Management:

  • Provide air monitoring during abatement

  • Perform construction work observation

  • Review and approve contractor pay requests

  • Provide final clearance air sampling and analysis upon project completion

  • Perimeter air monitoring for demolition and debris removal


  • Train client personnel for operations procedures

  • Perform demolition of structures with non-friable asbestos

  • Transport and dispose of asbestos containing debris