Key Staff

Robert Bolin

President & CEO

Mr. Bolin is the founder and President/CEO of Ranger Environmental, Inc. (REI). He is in his twenty first year of experience in the environmental consulting industry in Louisiana and is also experienced in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas. Mr. Bolin is currently active in both the technical and administrative aspects of the firm. He is the Principal Consultant for the UST Services and Property Redevelopment Services. Mr. Bolin’s field of expertise include: UST removal/closure; site evaluation and property redevelopment; project management; solid waste management; oil and hazardous substance spill prevention and emergency response abatement; hazardous/toxic cylinder demolition; above ground storage tank installation; regulatory compliance; demolition;


Keith Hall


Mr. Hall has over 20 years of experience in the Geological, Environmental, Health and Safety fields. His career began in the early 1980s in the oil and gas industry on offshore drilling rigs and production platforms, shipyards and fabrication facilities. His responsibilities included personnel health and safety, environmental compliance, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management and risk assessments.

In 1991 he was employed with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality in the Underground Storage Tank Division, Hazardous Waste Division and Groundwater Protection Division. In 1997, he was employed with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources where he evaluated seismic data for the Mineral Board of the state of Louisiana.

Mr. Hall earned his undergraduate degree in Geology from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (currently the University of Louisiana-Lafayette) in 1985 and his Master of Science in Geology/Hydrogeology from the University of New Orleans.

His experience includes a wide range of environmental and geological projects including evaluation of seismic data, hazardous waste remediation and disposal, Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments, the successful Removal and Closure of Underground Storage Tanks, Soil and Groundwater Assessment and Remediation and Risk Assessments according to the LDEQ RECAP program and more.

He is also experienced in emergency response and recovery and has been actively involved in the recovery of south Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina (and other hurricanes) and the BP Oil spill disaster (and other oil spills).